TaxiTender for Business

All your journeys to and from any location in the Netherlands and to and from airports and stations in more than 130 other countries arranged in one place. We manage ground transportation for your entire organization from A to Z and organize the administrative processing according to your wishes. With transport categories aimed at different target groups, we offer a suitable solution for every need.

Optimal flexibility.
Maximum service.

We manage your ground transportation at home and abroad 

For your team

Relieve your team by arranging  safe and reliable ground transportation. This way your team can fully focus on its work.

Business travel

Take care of your team by arranging reliable and safe ground transportation for all business trips. We ensure that a car is ready at the desired time for, for example, a drive to the station, airport or hotel, so that your team can fully focus on its work. If your trip is connected to a flight or train journey, the driver will keep an eye on your arrival time and wait for you with a name sign at the agreed meeting point. Less stress and therefore higher productivity. By choosing from Economy class or the more luxurious Business class, there is always transport that suits your needs and budget. TaxiTender takes care of all your rides at home and abroad! 

Executive transport service

With our First class and Business class service, professional drivers will drive your executives in luxury cars to any desired location at home and abroad.

Commuter service

As a committed employer, you take good care of your employees. That is why we offer the commuter service. With this service, you can ensure, for example, that employees come home safely after they have worked late into the evening. It shows that you care about your employees. And it can be a more efficient and affordable alternative to travel by public transport.Our commuting service can be used for individual employees, but also for group transport and sharing rides (shuttle service) is possible.

For your guests and relations

Impress your customers and relations by picking them up at the airport or train station.

Courtesy rides

Impress your customers and relations by picking them up at the airport or train station or your company event. It will leave a lasting impression.

Emergency & assistance rides

Think of emergency assistance trips in connection with repatriation, car damage, stranded travelers, and so on. Ideal for emergency assistance companies. All trips worldwide arranged via 1 central point, real-time insight into the fulfillment, central and detailed reports, 1 point of contact, in short, super efficient and easy.


The transport issue of your event requires a lot of time and attention from the organizing people, while your event is not about transport at all. TaxiTender has a lot of experience in providing transport during events, also internationally.We like to think along with you as the organizer of the event and provide you with the solutions best suited for your event. This way you can focus all your attention on what your event is really about.

TaxiTender Travel Cheque

You can hand out TaxiTender Travel Checks to customers or relations. With the code on the Travel Check they receive a one-off or continuous discount on the services of TaxiTender.


Everything is arranged from A to Z.
Sit back and relax.


But we go much further for you…

Easy to book wherever you are

It does not matter through which channel you book, all bookings are linked to your central account.

Personal booking management tool

Your own booking environment where you place, track and manage your bookings for the entire organization or for a department.

Booking page in your organization's look and feel

A booking page specially designed for your organization or event, fully in line with your desired look and feel. If desired, we also adapt our booking communication to your needs.

Book via web or app

Sometimes you are working on your desktop and sometimes you only have your mobile available. It does not matter what channel  you use, all bookings are linked to your central account.

Integration with your application

You prefer to book and manage our services from your own application? You can do this by connecting your and our systems via our APIs. This way you do not have to switch between different programs and information can be seamlessly and efficiently retrieved and sent between both systems.

Well arranged from A to Z.

One invoice, away with all those loose ride tickets from different companies. One contact person for all your  ground transportation issues at home and abroad. More insight, more grip, less hassle.

Custom reporting and central billing

You decide on which figures you send. Our standard reports are already very extensive, but we can also fully adapt these to your wishes and requirements. Do you want to be invoiced centrally or per department, a PDF or a digital link? We organize everything in such a way that you have as little administrative hassle as possible. Get rid of all those loose ride tickets!

Single point of contact

1 aanspreekpunt voor al uw accountvragen. 1 point of contact for all your account questions. How convenient is that?

Multilingual customer support

Do you do business internationally? TaxiTender offers customer support in several languages ​​including English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Chinese (Mandarin).

Book anywhere via web or app.
Get rid of those loose receipts.

All advantages at a glance …

  • Easy booking and management via our website, app or integrated with your systems
  • A broad worldwide professional transport network, whereby we set high demands on the transport companies we work with
  • Transport at home and abroad to and from almost any travel location
  • TaxiTender remains involved and responsible throughout the entire process, from booking to settlement
  • Multilingual customer service and professional and customer-oriented complaint handling
  • Extensive financial and operational overviews every month
  • Single point of contact for all your organization’s transportation questions and issues

Interested or questions?
We are ready for you!

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