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Why become a (r)e-tail partner of TaxiTender?

In the highly competitive travel and event industry, it’s all about increasing earnings per booking. Therefore, trying to add ancillary services to the main booking components, has become more and more important for any market player selling travel related or activity/tours/events related bookings or tickets.
The bookable taxi service to and from these main booking components (airport, accommodation, railway station, cruisterminal, local activity starting point, business meeting, etc), is the most logical and easy to sell add on service.

Effective (up)selling of taxi bookings

The most effective way to do this, is to integrate the taxi booking option on the most effective touch points in the booking flow of your core products, e.g. in the “extras step” or as one package.
To make this possible in an easy way and short time, you can integrate the way you want with TaxiTender’s full booking API, and start increasing your earnings per booking by selling taxi bookings as an extra service to your customers.

Toolkit for (r)etail partners

Our Booking API enables a seamless integration of our taxi search, compare and booking functionality into the bookingflow or bookingtools of the partner. The partner earns a commission of 8% to 10% (depending on volume) of the ride price of sold and fulfilled bookings. We can also work with net prices so the partner can set its own prices. For travel players already operating on Amadeus GDS, you can also sell our rides through the Amadeus Transfers API.
In the menu below, you can find explanation, examples and instructions for implementation (documentation) for each tool.
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This API is built for the purpose of searching available transfer and taxi services for requested routes and for the purpose of placing bookings into our system. This API is working with the semantics of REST and returns results in JSON-format. This API is created especially for integration with our partners via any common programming language like PHP, Perl, Python, C#/ASP.NET, etc.


PCI DSS 3.2 certified credit card processing Our company is PCI DSS 3.2 certified which means that we are allowed to process credit card data. Our API is technically fully audited on aspects of security, logging and technical design. We are able to receive all credit card data, create authorizations on credit cards, do direct charging and much more.

Development kit

We have a development kit (also known as API Client software) available for direct integration of our API within your project. At this moment the software is in state of being released to the public. If you are interested in receiving a copy of our API Client software then please drop us a mail.

Testing environment

In the first phase of integration you will need to use our testing environment. To traverse between our testing and production environment you should change the hostname of your request from ‘’ to ‘’. Your requests will then be routed to our testing environment. Please make sure your source IP addresses are in our whitelist to gain automated access to our testing and production environments. Please note that our testing environment does not support https, only http.

IP whitelisting

Our API is built on top of a validation layer. For placing search queries and bookings you will need to contract with us and be approved in our firewall. We will put your companies IP address and server addresses (v4) on our whitelist so that you can integrate with us without any hassle.

Integration notes

We use a secure REST connection for our API services. The nature of REST is to use the basic HTTP methods for requesting and modifying data. We have chosen for a little modification in this methodology and only accept POST for requests to our API to be compliant with the financial industry regulations.

Response codes

As our API can return all kind of messages it is for you important to know if a response of our API must be interpreted as an success or as a failure. To solve this we implemented response codes. Those are all listed at this page.

Response types

All numbers and text that you receive in the response of our API are string types response values. This is done to simplify the integration in all the different kind of programming languages and to make testing the software simpler using a standard for data formatting. So all integers, doubles, floats, chars and strings in the API results are string typed. Objects and arrays are kept since these are offering lists functionality and are described in the JSON standard.

Response value enums

Many of our request and response parameters can have values which are always selected from a vast list of options. Those options are listed in lists (dictionaries) so that you get a closer look to our internal process and that you can be sure that you implement our API in full. All these options are listed at this page.

Multi-language UTF support

Our API has full UTF-8 support to offer multi-language support for international customers in the most of world wide common languages. The currently supported languages via our API are listed in our ENUM overview. For an example retrieve the service locations list and test your application to be ready for UTF formatted responses.

Usage policy

Our API is subjected a Fair Use Policy (FUP). With fair use we mean a maximum of 100 search queries (on an average) per one booking. If you wish to execute larger amounts of requests then please contact us on beforehand so that we can decide to route your requests to another server. If you do not contact us and your are exceeding these limits then you may be blocked indefinitely.


If you are interested in an API integration with TaxiTender, we have documentation available containing the following main subjects:

  • Functionality
  • Test authentication
  • Retrieve service locations
  • Retrieve cancellation policy
  • Search available taxis
  • Create booking
  • Cancel booking
  • Retrieve booking details

Please click on the button below send us an a mail request for the full API documentation:

Request for API documentation

For Amadeus GDS users

If you are already operating on the Amadeus GDS for (parts of) your core business or planning to do so, may be using TaxiTender through the Amadeus GDS is an efficient solution for you. TaxiTender is one of the first and few partners chosen by Amadeus to integrate with in Amadeus Transfers:


If you are interested in using TaxiTender trough Amadeus Transfers, the easiest way to take the next step is te contact us and we will take it from there. Please use the button below to send us an email with your message or request:

I’m interested in using TaxiTender through Amadeus

For travel agents

Travel agents easily use our Agent Booking Tool to book taxi’s for almost every itinery in the world and earn commission for every ride. Just ask and we’ll provide you with your own free personal Agent Booking Tool including real time performance dashboards and detailed booking insight. Thise way you can monitor and optimize sales performance per branche, department and employee.
We also integrate easily with widely used existing CRM and administrative systems to manage travel files and bookings. Furthermore, we have developed all kinds of tools for making the processing of taxi bookings by travel agents or tour operator employees, much more efficient. Finally, we can provide these booking tools in a fully branded booking interface of your company.

So, if you’re not ready yet to integrate with our API, the Agent Booking Tool can be a perfect tool to start earning on taxi bookings as part of your sales growth policy. If you’re interested as a Travel Agent or Tour Operator in our Booking Tools, please send us an email by clicking this button:
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For Corporate travel managers

Our Agent Booking Tool can also be of added value to corporate travel managers and assisting employees. Using the TaxiTender Agent Booking Tool for corporate trips means more uniformity, plannability and controllability of all local taxi rides of employees, while there’s no hassle with receipts etc.

So, if you are not operating on one of the larger Corporate Booking Tools, like e.g. Amadeus, but still want to organize the local taxi rides of your employees more efficiently with less risks and (administrative) hassle, using our Booking Tools is a perfect solution. We can provide these booking tools in a fully branded booking interface of your company.

If you’re interested as corporate travel manager, please send us an email by clicking this button:
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Any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be happy to provide you with any information you need, help you implement the tools and think along with you. Please use the contact form below in which you can further specify the topics you are interested in or have questions about.

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