Transfers and taxis as an add-on in travel, event and ticket sales

pre-arranged transfers and taxis as an extra service for your visitors/customers



Easy to sell

7-10% commission

Plug and play

Enrich your service, increase your income

Wether you offer useful travel content or sell bookings, all your visitors are high potential customers for local taxi rides. So why not offer them an easy way to book these taxi rides as an extra service? They will be pleased, while you increase your average earnings per visitor/customer. Just to illustrate the tremendous opportunities the picture below shows the posibilities for selling online taxi bookings as an add on to flights, accommodations, trips, train tickets, local activities and tours.

Partner up with TaxiTender!

Benefit from the huge market potential for online taxi bookings by partnering up with TaxiTender. We offer commissions up to 10%, competitive (tendered) prices, flexible routes, cover over 120 countries, are highly rated by our customers and offer plug and play solutions for partnering with affiliates and sales channels.

Large coverage

  • 120 countries
  • 2,000 cities
  • 100,000 prof. drivers
  • All taxi classes
  • Dynamic routes

Best price-quality

  • Rated 8.3/10 on price
  • Rated 9.0/10 on quality
  • Rated 9.0/10 overall
  • 24/7 support
  • Member of ACRISS

Plug and play

  • Deeplinks and banners
  • Widgets and Whitelabels
  • Booking API TaxiTender
  • Also available in Amadeus
  • Management dashboard

Our plug and play options

If you want to start selling or if you already are selling taxi bookings (e-tail/retail partnership), we offer a wide range of commercial-technical options. All of them designed as “plug and play” as possible, while our development team is there to support you when necessary. Aimed at optimal usability and conversion:

Affiliate partnership

Earn on taxi bookings by promoting them with deeplinks, banners, widgets and whitelabels.

(R)e-tail partnership

Earn on taxi bookings by (up)selling them with our API, our Booking Tool or Amadeus (GDS).

Partner of many big and small travel brands

Besides on, you can also find and book the TaxiTender taxi services with many other big and smaller travel brands that have selected TaxiTender as their partner for transfer and taxi service. Some of them you can see below. Why they have chosen TaxiTender? Simply because of our top and constant price-quality ratio, our large and constantly growing geographic coverage and seamless technical implementation of partnerships.

Get in touch!

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