Department City-Trips TUI Nederland and TaxiTender: private transfers to support travelers

One year ago, the department City-Trips from TUI Nederland and TaxiTender decided to join forces. The department from TUI Nederland, market leader in the Dutch travel industry and part of TUI Group, was looking for a way to provide its customers with a smooth journey, including a transfer in the right place, at the right … Continue reading “Department City-Trips TUI Nederland and TaxiTender: private transfers to support travelers”

You’ve booked a taxi transfer. What’s next?

Whether you’re looking for a transfer from or to the airport, or one of our other many locations worldwide, for leisure or business purposes: at TaxiTender you can book your taxi transfer in just three easy steps.

Safe business travel

Women want safe business travel, as underlined by the 2016 Women in Business Travel Report.

Travel trends for 2017

‘Bleisure’ (mixing business with pleasure), local travel and people becoming their own travel agent, thanks to advanced technologies.

Business travel: the key to happy employees?

Research shows: travel is the key to happy employees. Seventy percent of millennials say travel is their most important reason to work. Forbes lists some tips for better integrating travel into your company culture.

Submitting taxi bills is history!

One big advantage of our pre-booked transfers for account managers? Dealing with bills and claims of employees becomes so much easier!

Offer clients the full travel package!

Travel agents – isn’t it weird? Providing clients with the whole travel package – from flight to hotel – but leaving out the taxi transfer part?

Flexibility at its best!

Did you know we offer transportation from and to over 1,500 service locations in more than 120 countries worldwide?

TaxiTender and TUI partner up

TaxiTender, the Dutch taxi transfer company for prebooked and affordable airport transfers, has signed a deal with TUI, market leader in the Dutch travel industry and part of TUI Group.

Taxi transfer? At your service!

At TaxiTender, we believe (business) travelers deserve just that little bit of extra service. That’s why we offer taxi transfers with an extra touch.

A fast and carefree business trip

Whether you are on holiday or on a business trip, finding your way in a new city can be quite challenging. And after a long trip, roaming a new place looking for your hotel can even be somewhat of a nightmare.

Your own fully branded taxi booking tool

Attention travel agencies! If you want to offer your clients the convenience of a pre-booked taxi, we can provide you with deep links that link directly from your site and e-mail to our booking engine.

Tailor-made taxi transfers

At TaxiTender, we believe in tailor-made taxi and transfer services. That’s why we offer custom transportation.

Meet our ‘skip-the-line’ advantages

Waiting for a taxi at the airport? Of course, there are a lot of ways to pass the time. What about socializing with a complete stranger in the same queue, checking your e-mail or updating your LinkedIn profile?

6 tips – How to stay productive on an airplane?

Traveling is lovely, but when you have to fly regularly for business it might lose its appeal. From packing your suitcases to waking up early, hurrying to the airport and sitting on a plane without anything to do.

Increase your revenues in 4 steps!

We love offering the travel industry the convenience of pre-booked taxis and airport transfer services for its clients. Together with our network of local transport providers, we offer travel agencies online and offline integration solutions to use our booking engine.

TaxiTender is PCI DSS compliant!

It’s official! We’ve been certified by the PCI Security Standards Council. This means our company and systems comply with a whole shopping list of requirements on the internal and external set-up, management and security of our payment systems.

Flexibility is our middle name

As a travel procurement professional or office manager, arranging business trips for your managers can be pretty stressful. Scheduling last minute meetings, booking the best hotels, making sure everyone is in the right place, at the right time.

Don’t worry, travel happy!

Missing your flight on a business trip, we’ve all been there. Fortunately, our local taxi drivers work with flight monitoring. They keep an eye on your travel schedule with the help of an online portal, e-mail and telephone.

Book your own authentic local taxi

They might be the most famous taxis in the world: the Havana cabs driving around Havana, Cuba. As a cultural asset, these American antique cars are used as taxis by locals to earn money.

Transfers to locations worldwide!

Airport transfer? Yes we can! But, wait, there is more. Did you know we also offer transportation services from and to train stations, bus stations and other locations?

Experience a VIP taxi treatment

Always wanted to know how it feels like to be treated like a real VIP? Our taxi transfers offer you all the service you can wish for.

The new travel trend? It’s all about luxury

How can the travel industry better target and serve its customers? By focusing on the luxury travel sector. The Shaping the Future of Luxury Travel report by our partner Amadeus reveals the luxury travel trend that will continue to accelerate over the next 10 years.

Unexpected taxi fares are history

Have you ever been at the point where you were sitting in the back seat of a taxi, being driven around a foreign city not having a single clue where your hotel or the airport might be?

Custom made business transportation

For business travelers who like to travel in style, we offer well-equiped sedans, like the Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 series, Volvo V60 and Lincoln Town Car.

3 tips: how to reduce carbon emissions from business trips

Climate change: when it comes to human impact, travel and transportation are top emission generators. Especially air travel is carbon-intensive. But how to mitigate your business’ flying footprint if your employees have to fly often?

Emerce e-travel event: fast forward in online travel

“A lot of organisations and agencies in the travel industry are in need of an in depth integration of online transfer booking with their own existing software. It’s the only way to fulfil the traveler’s modern needs”, says TaxiTender’s CEO Ojo Meijers.

Travel agent? Adopt the concierge mindset!

Want to be a successful travel agent? Human interaction is the magic word! Smart travel agents act as concierge, advisor and confidant nowadays. Learn more on how to adopt the concierge mindset.

Cities with the highest & lowest taxi fares

While the Norwegian capital Oslo has the most expensive taxi fares, Kiev (Ukraine) and New Delhi (India) are the cheapest cities for a three-mile taxi trip, according to the UBS Prices and Earnings report. Want to be sure of the most competitive rate for your worldwide taxi ride? Discover our taxi booking engine.

Want to become a TaxiTender partner?

Ready to become a part of the fastest growing taxi provider network in the world? TaxiTender is looking forward to cooperate with reliable taxi and transfer providers from all over the world.

How to meet your travelers needs

For travel agents it is common knowledge: instead of buying a package tour, travelers want to compose their own trip nowadays – from flight and stay to airport transfer.

Taxi Tender partners with Amadeus

Dutch-based company Taxi Tender will soon provide global access to pre-arranged discount airport taxis through Amadeus booking solutions.