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TaxiTender general info

TaxiTender (trade name of Transferz)
Amsteldijk 216
1079 LK, Amsterdam The Netherlands
VAT: NL855998118B01
COC: 65145615

TaxiTender is a trade name of Transferz. Read more about Transferz 

TaxiTender doesn’t own taxis

Just like Airbnb and Booking.com don’t own accommodations, we don’t own taxis. We operate an online platform which enables customers to very easily search, compare and book taxis with reliable local taxiservice providers in over 120 countries, against the best price-quality ratio in each taxi class.  As you can see in the picture below, this simple yet strong customer proposition is made possible by our own unique ride tender system, which also explains our name TaxiTender:

TaxiTender’s unique operating technology

There’s a reason why our customer satisfaction scores are very high both Quality and Price, leading to exceptional high scores on overall customer experience (price-quality ratio) and on the recommendation of our service. First of all because we really care: “Your ride, our drive”. Secondly, TaxiTender has invested heavily in a unique operating technology which enables us to get the best price-quality for each ride out of each local market for professional taxi services.  As pictured in the diagram below, this technology consists of 3 coherent components, namely (1) the Price benchmark System, (2) the Ride Tender System and (3) the Quality Review System, each of which we will describe briefly below, for those who are interested 🙂

Price Benchmark System

Who knows what a ride from e.g. Rome Int. airport to Hotel Santa Constanza just outside Rome normally should cost? Is € 35 expensive, cheap or average? We know. Like we know this about almost any route in the world. At any moment in time, dynamic as prices are, representing the constantly changing level of competition among local taxi service providers. All these price data are processed in our Price benchmark system, which calculates what price level is low, fair/average or high for each specific route. This system is self learning and uses every time more and increasingly accurate data to calculate these market price ranges of each route at any moment in time. The prices you see in the search results of our website, are always in the low to fair/average market range, given professional service quality and online bookability. The price you see, select and book is fixed, guaranteed and all-in.

Ride Tender System

After you have completed your booking and payment, you will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail instantly, confirming the date, time, meeting point, number of persons, the taxi class and the price you have selected, are fixed and guarenteed. In the backend, Taxitender automatically puts each booked ride out to tender in the local market place of professional taxi service providers by a so called tiered reversed auction (tender). The tiers are classified by the review ranking of each individual provider: the best reviewed providers get the first chance of accepting the ride assignment for the fixed price offered in the ride tender, and so on. All the details of the performing driver and the ride are specified in the ride voucher each customer receives by mail and SMS, between the booking confirmation date and the pickup date and time. So as a customer, you don’t notice anything at all about this ride tender process, except its result: the best price-quality ratio in online bookable taxi rides, in all classes. The tender statistics also feed the Price Benchmark System (auto-learning).

Quality Review System

Our Quality Review System is also a continuous and automated process in which our customers are invited to review the taxi service they have experienced on 5 criteria:

  • Quality
  • Punctionality
  • Friendlyness
  • Price
  • Overall (price-quality)
  • Recommend?

The review scores of each taxi service provider connected to our platform determine the rank they get in the ride tender tiers: the best reviewed providers get the first chance of accepting a new ride assignment for the tendered price, and so on. Providers scoring lower than 7 out of 10 are being removed instantly from the tender process. In order to automatically expand our geographical coverage, some pre-selected new providers are also being invited to the tender, based on research and available external price and quality data. Once these new ones have performed rides, they enter our own review system as connected service provider.

Benefits for all parties

The way this system works leads to a sustainable and mutually respectful way of cooperation between TaxiTender as a platform on the one hand and the connected taxi companies on the other hand. As a result of this, customers can move from A to B without any worries about showups, safety or paying too much, where ever they are, while our connected taxi companies are being rewarded for good service (reviews) and fairness of pricing with more business. This also explains our popularity among affiliates and commercial partners in travel industry.

Partner of many big and small travel brands

Besides on TaxiTender.com, you can also find and book the TaxiTender taxi services with many other big and smaller travel brands that have selected TaxiTender as their partner for transfer and taxi service. Some of them you can see below. Why they have chosen TaxiTender? Simply because of our top and constant price-quality ratio, our large and constantly growing geographic coverage and seamless technical implementation of partnerships.